Kindergarten Instructions and Guidelines

Kindergarten management takes responsibility for this important age stage of the child’s life, providing all the conditions for the proper growth of the child

(Physical / motor / cognitive / linguistic / emotional / social), and provide a suitable educational environment:

School Instructions

  1. Commitment to school hours:

  •  School responsibility for children starts at 7 am, where teachers are on duty to take care of them.

  • Commitment to the departure time of the children at the end of the official working hours, where the teachers shift ends at 2:30 pm

  • the parents should communicate with the school administration and notify them in case the child is absent and prepare a report in the absence of three days or more.

  1. Commitment to school uniforms and not to wear jewelry, accessories and what is not appropriate for the appearance of the child.

  2. It is forbidden to bring cell phones to kindergarten or any personal devices.

  3. Preserving school property and furniture.

  4. Do not bring dangerous tools that affect the safety of the child such as sharp tools.

  5. Commitment of the child to the rules and guidelines of conduct.

  6. Non-parents are not allowed to take their children during school hours and at the end of the school, and must be approved by the kindergarten administration in case someone else wants to take the child .

  7. Ensure that the child arrives inside the kindergarten, and not left at the entrance without a companion.

  8. Do not send the child to the kindergarten in case of symptoms of infectious disease until he is presented to the doctor and inform the school administration.

  9. Notify the school administration in case of health problems suffered by the child such as: (diabetes / asthma …).

  10. In case the child is exposed to any accident, or feel very tired in the school, the child will be examined by the school nurse and parents will be contacted immediately.

  11. Parents shall deliver the medicines taken by the child in sick cases to the school administration to be supervised by the school nurse.

  12. Do not send money more than the child’s need.

  13. It is forbidden to bring chips, soft drinks and glass bottles to the kindergarten.

  14. The child shall not participate in school trips without the written consent of his or her parent.

  15. Commitment to the dates of meetings of parents in accordance with programs and office hours determined by the school administration.

  16. The child receives his / her school report at the end of the first semester; the parents review it, sign it and returns it to the school to monitor the observations of the second semester. The final report will be received by the end of the academic year.


  1. Get enough of sleep time, take care of personal healthiness.

  2. having breakfast before attending the kindergarten and securing his / her food needs by the parents.

  3. attendance; to achieve the required academic level.

  4. Cooperate with the school administration to guide any academic social behavioral problems facing the child and activate the exchange of notes between the teacher and the parents.

  5. Cooperate with the school administration to follow up the parent of his / her child in doing homework and experience papers.

  6. Cooperate with the administration in directing the child to represent ethics and noble values and teach them the positive behaviors acquired through mutual respect in dealing with others.

  7. The parents of the child shall consider the communication with the school according to the program of visits, the office hours announced at the beginning of the school year and follow the instructions and administrative directives that are contained in the official books, circulars and relevant educational leaflets.

  8. The kindergarten department and its followers follow up on the commitment of the children to the instructions provided.